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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  October 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the presidential candidates with a big opportunity to swing the race. what's expected from both sides. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we're socked in this morning. fog making it tough to see. >> here's a live look at the capital dome oig. usually lit up and crystal clear. today barely visible through the fog. >> tom kierein here to tell us when the soupy stuff will lift completely. >> as you mentioned, it's not bad right at the surface, but all you have to do is go up a few hundred feet. so if you live at a higher elevation, you have the thicker fog. at the surface, reagan national, the visibility is about a third of a mile. so not too bad. montgomery county, about a half a mile, as is arlington, fairfax. prince georges county, better visibility. really no fog in southern maryland, northern neck of the
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eastern shore. the northern part of the eastern shore has patchy dense fog as does much of northern maryland and into west virginia. generally the fog visibilities there about a third to a half a mile. so not too bad. but it could be getting thicker over the next hour or so. right now we're in the 60s to around 70. the immediate metro area with the thick humidity, a little patchy drizzle. the roadways are still wet from some of those late evening showers that came on through. and by 7:00 a.m., we'll still have the fog around and we'll have the sunshine breaking out, though, by your lunch hour by noontime. by then, temperatures soaring to near 80, hitting mid-80s near afternoon, a warm and humid afternoon. we'll call it aug-tober. it will feel more like august than early october by mid afternoon with those highs in the mid-80s. and humid conditions and partly sunny. i'm back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. let's start with metro. the red line at woodley park, all the escalators are out, but
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metro is reporting the elevators are working at this time. but those entrance escalator, all of them are out. 95 northbound on the roadway as you make your way to the fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza, you'll find the right lane blocked by a disabled vehicle. if you're making your commute in the district, people starting to wake up, starting to see volume increase. no accidents for you. past new york avenue at north capital street. and heading over to 395, talk about the fog. seeing some at duke. not takerable. as you make your way northbound between the beltway and 149 street bridge in both directions, no accidents to report. 6:02. the road to the white house passes through denver today. the mile high city will host the first presidential debate this evening. mitt romney has been preparing for the debates in denver the past few days. president obama has been preching in neff. both have been keeping low profiles in recent days. meanwhile republicans are seizing on comments vice
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president joe biden made at a campaign stop yesterday to say the obama administration's economic policies are not working. >> how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that's been buried the last four years. >> of course the middle class has been buried. they're being bear ruried by regulations, taxes, borrowing. they're being buried by the obama administration's economic failures. >> biden later tried to clarify his comment by saying the middle class was buried by policies mitt romney and paul ryan supported. and mitt romney's campaign has called tonight's debate a restart of the campaign. right now the republican nominee trails by 3% among likely voters. that is according to the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. that is also within the poll's margin of error. the president leads by seven points, though, among all registered voters. he he also leads in the battleground states that could
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decide the election. >> you can watch tonight's debate right here on nbc 4. live coverage begins at 9:00. and that brings us to our poll question. will you watch tonight's debate? you can let us know by taking the poll on the news 4 today facebook page. martin o'malley plans to introduce a controversial power surcharge today that would let utilities charge you more for much needed improvements. o'malley says the plan allows power companies leak pepco to add a dollar or two to monthly electric bills to pay for maintenance upgrades. in exchange, utilities would have to meet strinkter reliability standards and have a harder time raising rates in the future. o'malley says the plan would accelerate much needed work that could keep the power on. opponents say it is rewarding utilities for not paying for the maintenance themselves. d.c. council members will discuss lowering fines for people caught speeding. s most first time offenders see a fine of $150. charges have gone up by at much as 500% in the past four years.
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that has a lot of drivers complaining that the program is simply there to raise revenue, not to encourage safer driving. investigators say a man was stabbed around 8:00 at the intersection of 30th street and naylor road in southeast washington. the victim died. police shut down part of naylor road for a few hours to search for clues. investigators say they are looking for multiple suspects. police have not released a motive. those who lost loved ones are reflecting as we mark ten years since the men known as the d.c. sniper s terrorized our region. over three weeks a total of ten people died, among them sunny buchanan who was mowing the lawn at a car dealership. in his memory, his sister has raised more than $100,000 to award scholarships to students who want to go to college. >> well, we have to hope for
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change. and sometimes it's all in our attitude. >> mohammed was executed in 2009. malvo is now 27 and serving multiple life sentences without the possibility of parole in virginia. the former penn state coach who says he saw jerry sandusky sexually abusing a boy is now filing a whistleblower lawsuit against the school. former assistant coach mike mcqueary was a key witness during the case against sandusky. he is seeking millions of dollars in damages because he says he was defamed and misrepresented by the university. according to the suit, mcqueary was the only coach not invited to interview under the new football coach bill o'brien. and he is the only former penn state employee whose legal fees were not reimbursed by the university. ahead, the redskins get involved in a political debate. also a tour group catches something they never expected, why a man is risking his life staging a protest hundreds of feet in the air. >> what a mess out there this morning. fog could slow you down as you
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head out.
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police in florida are not abused with this woman. she tried to ride a manatee. it is illegal to annoy, harass or disturb manatees. imagine going on a fishing trip and running into this guy. a group of fishermen saw this whale shark during a trip off the coast of florida. the 25-foot feish hung around fr about an hour. the whale shark is the largest fish species.
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it's huge. mar of a ch i'd run, not swim. 6:11. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. foggy out there. tom, good morning. >> visibility has improved to about a mile. in many locations just a quarter mile visibility. hometown forecast, college park, by 7:30, maybe still a mist falling with the fog around in the upper 60s. but then by early afternoon, the sunshine breaks out and will be near 80. and by midafternoon, all around the region, hour by hour a rapid warm up into the mid-80s. i'm back with a look at beg changes on the way. how is traffic? taking the rails, red line,
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escalators still out. i-95 northbound at fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza, had the right lane blocked by a disabled. that's gone. travel lanes are open. westbound route 50 in virginia, just past stringfellow road, center lane blocked by a crash in that area. outer loop of the beltway, you're accident free. but starting to pick up some volume at new hampshire avenue. ahead, mark zuckerberg admits something you might have already noticed. also the rumblings that apple could be ready to make another major announcement. and a supplement a lot of people take every day may not be doing what they th
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stocking up on vitamin d to ward off colds might be a waste of your time and money. researchers studied patients getting high doses for two years. they also followed patients getting a placebo. they found no difference in the number of colds and upper respiratory infections in those two groups. dig for hoffa's remains turned out doing a big bust. the soil sample did not contain any human remains. a man dying of cancer told police he saw men burying a body there the night hoffa disappe disappear disappeared. hoffa was last seen about 30 miles away from that area. italian scientists are searching for what could be the real life mona lisa. experts believe the wife of a
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rich merchant may been the model. she was buried in a florentine convent and scientists have been working to find her skull. experts say they can reskruconst her face and compare to the painting. an italian man climbed to the ledge of the dome at st. peters about a silica and lowered himself down to a ledge nearly 50 feet in the air. a friend says the man owns a bar and is angry about a plan to change the way licenses are auctioned off. we're getting a sneak peek at the "today" show entintervie mark zuckerberg. he says he had 20 identical gray t-shirts and keeps his shirts in one drawer and his wife rules the closet. you can watch the full interview tomorrow on the "today" show right here on nbc 4. apple reportedly started
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mass production of the ipad mini. that's according to the "wall street journal." this new tablet will reportedly have a 7.85 inch lcd screen with a lower resolution compared to the ipad 3 which you'll remember came out in march. it's designed to compete with smaller tablets like the kindle fire. the ipad mini could officially be announced next week. the washington redskins are throwing their support behind a proposal for a new casino at national harbor. team ownership released a statement endorsing question 7 saying it is a tremendous opportunity for prince georges county and all of maryland to create thousands of good paying jobs, increase funding for public schools and help provide dollars for other critical state and local government services. question 7 is one of the more hotly debated topics this election season. yesterday clergy and community activists rallied against expand gambling. angie goff has some breaking news. >> in syria, 27 people are dead and human rights group claims
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that 40 people are dead and 90 injured after triple car bombs rocked the country's biggest city. much of the main square government controlled allepo is reduced to rubble. some buildings collapsed. a military club nearby is believed to have been the target. activists say the bombings happened after guards at the club clashed with gunmen. this type of violence is considered rare. the last attack was in february when a suicide bomber killed 28. angie goff, news 4. thousands of baseball fans will always have fond memories of being at a late season game to a random tuesday night between two of the worst teams in the national league. >> 0-2 pitch. swing and a miss and he strikes out. but you know what, he made it back and the crowd comes to it feet again. >> and that is because they got to see adam greenberg's
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comeback. he struck out while pinch hitting in the sixth inning. it was the second at bat of his career. his first was here in 2005. he was hit in the head on the first pitch he ever saw in the majors. that injury appeared to end his career as it was just starting. greenberg, though, never gave up his dream and the marlins eventually offered him a one day contract. >> it's going to last an eternity for me. however long it was. that's 33 more seconds than i could ever have asked for. >> greenberg was actually playing the florida marlins seven years ago when he was beamed. the nationalses will wrap up their regular season this afternoon. the nl east champions take on the phillies in nationals park. if they win, they'll finish the season with the best record in the national league and clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs. the nats picked up the 97th win of the year last night against philadelphia. adam laroche hit his 33rd home run of the season and the
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nationals are now tied with the reds for the best record. the reds also won last night. >> what a difference a season makes. today is national walk to school day. dozens of schools in our area will take part. that event is designed to promote health and wellbeing of students by encouraging families to walk or bike to school rather than cars or buses. >> get moving, get grooving. good for the heart. >> play a little music if you have to. p. >> that's right. time for weather and trachiffic the 1s. a foggy forecast. >> yeah, and the visibilities are now improving i'm happy to report after we had thick fog since late last evening. a few passing showers overnight, they're long gone now, but many of the areas have wet pavement. we have breaks in the clouds over the fog and visibilities are about a quarter of a mile, but right now reagan national, the visibility just improved to four miles. dulles and generally up at bwi,
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that visibility is there between about a quarter of a mile and half a mile. so there may be some minor flight arrival delays there this morning. and we have temperatures out of the mountains in the 60s. closer to washington, it's near 70 in southern maryland, around the bay, too. low to mid-70s will. and it is going to be feeling like august in october here this afternoon as we climb into the mid-80s. and we get sunshine breaking out. and it will be steamy. then tomorrow less humid, beautiful weather thursday, friday, highs near 80 both days. sunny, low humidity into the weekend, increasing cloudses saturday. feeli feeling autumnal on monday and tuesday. now our traffic. good news if you're taking the metro. the entrance escalators back up and running. let's talk about delays. marc still experiencing just a six minute delay brunswick east train 890. metro and vre no delays at this time. over to the roadway, eastbound route 100 in maryland, at
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catherine avenue, report of an accident in that area. as we head to 66 eastbound, very slow as you make your way past sudley. and once you past fairfax county parkway, seeing fog. you are slow, about 46 miles per hour. it is now 6:22. ahead, the evasive maneuvers being taken high above the earth. and the carry-on luggage that you don't have to carry on.
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the middle class, who move our country forward. work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2000 dollars. while giving a tax break of $250,000 dollars to multi-millionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand, we can't rebuild tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. a hockey player got more than he bargained for while celebrating a goal. the new jersey junior titans player jumped on the boards and then crashed through the protective glass and into the opposing team's benches. the player jumps right up and walks it off. titans went on to win 4-1. if you are tired of dragging your suitcase around, there's a new invention that will have your carry-on following you.
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this is called the hot suitcase. a hands free bag that follows you by locking on to a bluetooth signal from your cell phone. if the case looses the signals, no worries, it will stop and lock itself and send an alert by vibrating your phone. this is just a prototype and the suitcase is years from actually going on sale. but the creator says it could be used by handicap travelers or those who are less mobile or people who like me might just not want to carry a suitcase. >> if you have a rolling carry-on, and i walk really fast through the airport, it wouldn't be able to keep up with me. and i stuff mine, too. so i would have to -- >> i like the idea. >> you'll see aaron in the airport next time. >> with a bag following me. 6:26 now. ahead, a tv news anchor does something very unusual. >> to the person who wrote me that letter, do you think i don't know that?
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>> the e-mail she received that she felt she had to respond to on the air. plus a politician turn as campaign event into a pushup contest. what he was
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new video shows the months before this
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how about a little soup to start things off this morning. the air is thick right now. fog set in last night. and it is sticking around this morning. welcome back to news 4 today. >> the fog even messed with vice president joe biden's return to d.c. his plane air force 2 had to be diverted to dulles last night because of low visibility. it was the second time weather impacted his travel yesterday. the plane also had to abort its
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first attempt at a landing in charlotte, north carolina because of a thunderstorm. despite the delays, the vice president kept his sense of humor. >> this will teach you guys to come along with me on a trip. good luck getting home. >> the delays in north carolina did cause biden to be about an hour late to a campaign rally. >> so wonder if tom kierein has his head in the clouds this morning. he's out on the storm team 4 weather deck. doesn't look too bad. >> the clouds are about ten feet above me as we have visibility here in northwest washington, maybe you can tell behind me, not too bad. it's about a quarter mile visibility here in northwest and a lot better downtown at reagan national where right now it's at 4 miles. we're in a much higher elevation here. higher elevations is where we have the thicker fog with the lower visibilities, that includes montgomery county, frederick, howard, into western maryland, washington county, as well as the panhandle of west virginia and parts of the
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shenandoah valley. blue ridge advivisibilities a quarter mile. low to mid-70s. right now nearby suburbs in arlington, fairfax and montgomery counties in the mid-60s. prince georges county near 70. and here is your hour by hour forecast for today. by 8:00, still going to have patchy fog around and hovering around 70 degrees, but then by your lunch hour, some sun breaking out. temperatures soaring to the upper 70s. out to hit the mid-80s by midafternoon. going to be feeling more like august than october with humidity around and partly sunny skies this afternoon. i'm back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. first 4 traffic report, let's head to virginia. westbound route 50 past stringfellow road, center lane still blocked by an accident there. 66 eastbound slow from the by pass, sluggish to the beltway.
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over to i-95, hitting the brakes as well in dale city. and continuing northbound to prince william parkway, heavy volume. it is just stop and go for you. lorton hitting the brakes here. and checking your travel speed, about 35 miles an hour. 22 minutes to get from prince william parkway to the beltway. when i return, we'll take a look at the beltway in montgomery county. slow there. the sole survivor of a fiery crash goes on trial today and he maintains he is not responsible for the crash that killed three teenagers. police say rico richardson was a passenger in a stolen toyota echo that crash and burst into flames. richardson was charged with car theft. he says he is not guilty and he's also filed a civil suit against montgomery county police, it alleges that the officers are really the ones responsible for that crash. >> police improperly handled the pursuit involving mr. richardson
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and the other occupants of the vehicle. we know that national and departmental standards were not followed. >> police maintain that they did nothing wrong and say that they followed standard law enforcement procedures. man charged with hitting a pedestrian while driving drunk has a recent history of driving troubles. 22-year-old tyler wills was arrested early saturday for a dui after a crash. the victim remains in a coma. now we've learned that wills has been charged or kritsed ecited least four other incidents since march. a 22-year-old found guilty of chasing down and brutally beating a teenager in montgomery county earlier this year. this is the video of the incident, it ended up on facebook and became a key piece of evidence in the case against tayshaun powell. yesterday a jury found him guilty of assault and robbery. prosecutors argued powell was in a group of men who chaseded down a teen in german town back in april and brutally beat him. powell and his family disagree.
6:35 am
>> the have i had i dony video that this defendant mr. powell was the assailant, the main actor in this case. >> and i feel like it's racial profiling. i did not see tayshaun hit nobody. he was not running up there. >> powell faces up to 25 years in prison. arnold schwarzenegger is opening up about high school life, political career and the scandal that cost him his marriage. the actor and former california governor was here in washington last night to promote his new memoir. he took part in a question and answer session. and later autographed copies of the book. schwarzenegger took blame for having an extramarital affair with his house keeper. many fans at last night's event say they don't believe that relationship should define who he is. >> because that's not all of who he is. as he said, he had 640 pages of his life and 10 pages on that. and that's what people are picking on. and i think he's done a lot of
6:36 am
valuable movies and politics and made a lot of contributions. overall it doesn't change my view of him. he's an actor and his personal life is his personal life however screwed up or not it is. that's his life. >> last night's signing at the hamilton was sold out. the news anchor from a small wisconsin city is getting international attention this morning. she took a stand in response to a rather harsh e-mail from a viewer. >> i was surprised indeed to witness that your physical condition hasn't improved for many years. surely you don't consider yourself a suitable example for this xhun eye young people, girls in particular. >> that was part of an e-mail sent to jennifer livingston, a news anchor in lacrosse, wisconsin. livingston decided to respond to that e-mail yesterday. she says she did on in part because she feels the e-mail is a form of bullying. a major problem that she says needs to be stopped. >> i am much more than a number on a scale.
6:37 am
what really angers me about about this is there are children who don't know better, who get e-mails as critical as the one i received or in many cases even worse, each and every day. >> thousands of people have written her messages of support online. to see her entire response, you can check out the news 4 today facebook page. >> the international space station will move into a different orbit tomorrow in order to avoid colliding with debris. the russian space program is helping. the space station only makes evasive maneuvers like this one when the likelihood of a collision exceeds one in 10,000. nasa says space junk is becoming a growing problem for the space industry. six astronauts are on board the space station including two americans. >> who keeps leaving junk in space? i tell you. so rude. 6:37 is our time. nats fans, messer er tohistorye at the ballpark today. >> and what american airlines
6:38 am
says is causing seats to come loose. and a dog caught in the middle of a domestic dispute. >> and we're quickeeping an eye the fog.
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the point is senator was
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. 10, t9, 8, 7 -- >> a delaware senator combines his daily workout with his re-election campaigning. he jumped up on a table and performed several pushups. he said he did to help ease any concerns voters might have about his health. his challenger suggested that the 65-year-old lawmaker has
6:42 am
health issues, perhaps even parkinson's disease. the campaign says that is simply not true. >> time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> good morning. the fog that was really thick just a couple hours ago is begin to go dissipate a bit. franconia, by # 8:00, the 9:00, a little mist. but this afternoon, a day more like late august. it will be into the mid-80s by midafternoon. big changes on the way this weekend. i'll have details on that along with a very cool time lapsed video of the fog around the capitol this morning. how's traffic? slow in our area. outer loop of the beltway, heavy on the brakes at new hampshire avenue. these delays continue as you make your way to georgia avenue. but other roadways slow, as
6:43 am
well. 395 from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. that drive taking 20 minutes. slow 66 inside the beltway to gw parkway, about 29 miles per hour. and 50 very slow in maryland. driving at 26 miles per hour. and i'm back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. tonight president obama and mitt romney will faceoff in their first presidential debate. denver is hosting the debate and romney has been preparing there. the president has been preparing in nevada. both men will be very careful with everything they say, but some comments joe biden just made are putting the obama campaign on the defensive. >> how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that's been buried the last four years. >> we agree. that means we need to stop digging by electing mitt romney the next president of the united states. >> biden later tried to clarify his comment by saying the middle
6:44 am
class was buried by policies mitt romney and paul ryan supported. tonight's debate comes as the race for president tightens a bit. president obama leads mitt romney by 3% among likely voters in the latest increaspoll. that is within the margin of error. the president led his republican rival by five percentage points two weeks ago. he had a widen lead if you consider registered voters. president obama leads romney by 7% in that category. you can watch tonight's debate right here on nbc 4. nbc news live team coverage begins at 9:00 tonight and that brings us to our poll question this morning. will you watch tonight's debate? you can let us know by taking the poll on the news 4 today facebook page. president obama appears to have gotten a boost in the battleground state of pennsylvania. a judge there ruled that voters won't have to show photo i.d.s. the decision strikes down the new voter i.d. what you. democrats say the law
6:45 am
disenfranchises voters who don't have photo i.d.s. republicans say the law is necessary to crack down on voter fraud. it was this day ten days ago that the beltway snipers terrorized the entire area. over three weeks, they killed a total of ten people. among them, a man who was mowing the lawn at a car dealership. to honor his memory, his sister started raising money to help award scholarships. to date, she's raised homore th $100,000. >> we have to hope for change. and sometimes it's all in our attitude. >> mohammed was executed in 2009. malvo is now 27 and serving multiple life sentences without the possibility of parole. police in prince georges county hoping this video will help them solve three liquor store robberies last month.
6:46 am
the men came into the store early in the morning, tied up the employees and emptied the register. this morning police are investigating a deadly stabbing. investigators say the man was stabbed around 8:00 at the enter session of 30th street and naylor road in southeast d.c. the victim died there. police shut down part of naylor road for a pew hours to search for clues. they're looking for multiple suspects in this case. they have not released a motive. this morning the washington humane society is asking for your dou donations to help a dog that was stabbed accept times. cocoa was stabbed during a domestic does his put.saccept t. cocoa was stabbed during a domestic does his put.eaccept t. cocoa was stabbed during a domestic does his put.veaccept . cocoa was stabbed during a domestic does his put.naccept t. cocoa was stabbed during a domestic does his put.cocoa was stabbed during a domestic does his put.ocoa was stabbed during a domestic does his put.coa es his put. during a domestic dispute. more charges could be filed. animal control removed 40
6:47 am
animals from a pasadena, maryland home in a case of animal hoarding. last thursday, officers seized a pig, snakes, a skunk, turtle, even a gold fish. some birds, goats, too. investigators claim many of the animals did not have food or water. the owner 21-year-old shane taylor tells news 4 he is not a hoarder and he denies that the animals were neglected. >> this is the loes i've ever been in my life. for the size of the property, that maybe there were too many animals. were they neglected? absolutely not. >> animal control says charges are pending. officers are now looking for rescue groups and foster homes to take care of those animals. parents in fairfax county are on alert after a man followed a high school student home from school. the incident happened monday night at around 8:00. police say the teenaged girl left west springfield high school by car. at the intersection of old keene mill road and bouer drive, she
6:48 am
noticed she was being followed. he tried to approach her when she got to her house. she was able to get inside before he reached her. one of the d.c. council member michael brown's opponents is raising questions about a nonprofit group the council member once ran. he wants the irs to audit the ronald h. brown foundation. the organization is named for brown's father, a former commerce secretary and dnc chairman who died in a plane crash. it lost its tax exempt status in 2010 because it had not filed tax returns for the previous three years. michael brown says he hadn't dealt with the foundation since 2008. there are new health concerns about a government contractor for montgomery county jailed in cuba. doctors fear alan gross may have cancer. an american radiologist says he looked at ct and ultrasound scans cuban doctors performed on a mass. they diagnosed it as a hematoma. the radiologist, though, is
6:49 am
concerned it's more serious because gross has lost a lot of weight. gross is serving a 15 year sentence for providing internet equipment cuba's jewish community. 6:49 is our time. maryland governor martin o'malley plans to introduce a verse sham power surcharge today that would let utilities charge you more for much needed improvements. o'malley says the plan allows power companies like pepco to add a dollar or two to monthly electric bills to pay for maintenance upgrades. in exchange, utilities would have to meet stricter reliability standards and have a harder time raising rates in the future. o'malley says the plan would accelerate much needed work that could keep the power on. opponents say it is rewarding utilities from not paying for the maintenance themselves. and an alert for people in the town of purcilville. should you boil your water. american airlines now checking more planes over concerns about seats coming
6:50 am
loose. jackie deangelis is live with that. good morning. american airlines is expanding infecti inspections of jets that could have seats emproperly secured just out of caution. american has found six planes where seats were coming loose due to clamps incorrectly installed. american is set to resume contract talks with its pilots union. the union has agreed to delayed releasing votes for a strike. and target shoppers whether be using their smartphones to help find the perfect gift. they will feature 20 second toils at the front of the aisles. you can scan the code, buy items, have them shipped for free. target like other stores generates the bulk of its toy sales during the holiday season. back to you. if all the talk about shopping didn't put you in the spirit, maybe this will. it's time to select this year's
6:51 am
white house christmas tree. last year's tree came from wisconsin. this year the tree will hail from north carolina. this morning officials will visit peak farms to pick just the right tree, but it won't be harvested until late november. peak farms was named the 2012 national christmas tree association grand champion. contest winners have provided the official white house christmas tree since 1966. so does that make you feel like doing anything different this holiday season? >> putting up a tree in my one-bedroom apartment where i live alone with no children and no one else? >> you put up a tree, i will bring and you press sent to put under it. >> i'll put it on the table. >> this all saddens me. sent to under it. >> i'll put it on the table. >> this all saddens me.sent to under it. >> i'll put it on the table. >> this all saddens me.ent to p under it. >> i'll put it on the table. >> this all saddens me. i'm okay with it. this morning a lot of fog that has been plaguing our region, but look at what it looked like around the capitol. this is time lapse video edited
6:52 am
by our own scott eisen. it's amazing how just a little bit of a shift in the wind will change the advivifz ability vis. as we take a look at the live view, visibilities have improved. 72 at reagan national. dew point a steamy 70. that's like late summer humidity. and visibility reagan national at four miles now. it was down at minimum a quarter mile just a couple hours ago. improving all around most of the region except still rather thick fog in the higher elevations farther to our west and that will be dissipating as we get into the mid-morning hours. by then a lot of the fog will be gone. we have breaks in the clouds. so clouds coming and going and sunshine breaking out. right now it's in the 70s southern matter land around the bay, eastern shore, much of southeastern virginia, areas in
6:53 am
green 60s west of i-95. and by 8:00 this morning, still a little patchy fog around. temperatures upper 60s and low 70s. maybe a little bit of drizzle, too. then by noontime, sunshine breaking out, upper 70s to near 80 and hitting the mid-80s. we'll call it aug-tober. feeling more like august. low humidity and gorgeous weather for thursday, friday and moth of saturd most of saturday. a front coming in late saturday might trigger showers sunday morning. after that, drying out and feeling like autumn again monday and tuesday. we're jammed on 395 closer to the 14th street bridge. northbound you'll see the left center lane blocked at boundary channel drive. westbound route 50 past string sdlt fellow road, center lane still blocked by an accident there. 66 slow jammed as you make your way from the by pass.blocked by. 66 slow jammed as you make your way from the by pass.still bloc there. 66 slow jammed as you make your way from the by pass.
6:54 am
fairfax county parkway, under speed, 33 miles per hour there. and making the trip along i-270, still seeing fog at german town road and sluggish all the way rockville connecting to the beltway. no accidents to report southbound. today d.c. council members will discuss lowering fines for people caught speeding. most first time offenders see a fine of $150. charges have gone up by as much as 500% in the past four years. that has a lot of drivers complaining that the program is really to just raise money, not to encourage safer driving. the nationals still have something to play for on this final day of the regular season. they can clinch the top seed in the national league and home field advantage throughout the playoffs by beating the philadelphia phillies today. the nl east champions beat the phillies 4-2 last night. adam laroche hit his 33rd home run of the season in the win. go nats. the biggest w at the park may
6:55 am
take place between innings. there is speculation teddy may finally win the president's race this afternoon. the teams launch its own teddy 2012 campaign, it is well document that had teddy has never won the fans mascot race. we'll have to wait until the fourth inning to find out. >> i have a feeling today could be the day. >> but people have said that before. >> i'm saying it again. >> at least we'll be there for history. >> we'll take pictures if it happens for sure. today is also a special day it for another president. president obama. >> mr. and mrs. obama are celebrating their 20th anniversary. >> first lady stopped by the new steve harvey show to talk about what she might give the president. >> i've gotten him ever golf thing that you can imagine. so i had to really dig deep on this one. >> can i tell you something? that's on the bucket list for me. >> what, golf? >> to play golf with your husband. >> oh. i could give that to him as a gift.
6:56 am
>> first lady also helped steve harvey answer a question from the audience during his ask steve segment. you can watch it all on nbc 4 this afternoon at 2:00. nothing better than golf with steve harvey. just saying. that is news 4 today. thank you for starting your day with us. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with any breaking news. back here tomorrow morning at 4:28. have a great day.
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